Henrik Sommerfeld

Databases as a Dev Tool

Some years ago I had the view that databases were a persistence tool, that they hadn’t evolved in any significant way in the last decades and that they were a somewhat necessary evil. Today I use databases as a tool among others in my developer’s toolbox. I think there are a number of reasons why my views have changed. Read →

Kyria to Solve My Keyboard Problems

Ever since I came to the conclusion to use a US keyboard for programming and built my first custom keyboard, I’ve tried to solve my weaknesses related to using the primary input device of my work. I’ve now settled on the Kyria from splitkb.com, and these are the problems it solves for me. Read →

Akasa Fanless Mini PC

The last couple of years, I've enjoyed a completely silent mini-PC by putting it into a fanless case. This time I'm using the Akasa Newton A50 to make a machine for my parents. Read →

OneDrive on Linux

When switching from MacOS to Linux, one of the things I was concerned about was Microsoft OneDrive that I've used for a decade or so. I found the using an unofficial CLI works really well. Read →
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