Henrik Sommerfeld

Alpine.js – Benefits and Limitations

For the custom JavaScript code on my Hugo blog I use Alpine.js . I’ll discuss the benefits and the limitations in this post. This post is part 4 in the Hugo Pipeline Series, but the benefits and limitations I discuss are not specific to using Alpine.js together with Hugo. Read →

Hugo Pipeline Series – Developing and Deploying

In terms of developing my Hugo site, I'll focus on the JavaScript parts, since Hugo templates and CSS isn't much to talk about. I use a few libraries that I've installed with npm and those need to be processed before they are sent to the browser. The JavaScript code I have written myself, does not have that requirement. In that case it's just a matter of how old browsers I want to support. Read →

8 JavaScript Recommendations to a Struggling Student

I recently helpt a student struggling with a web development assignment. Not surprisingly, it wasn't one specific thing that wasn't working with a clear question on how to solve that specific problem. There were errors in the web browser console, long functions with wrong indentation that made it all hard to understand. Read →
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