Progressive Web App - Bad Idea for a Blog

My experiences of making a website a Progressive Web App. Not a good idea when it's truly a website rather than an app.

Netlify CMS - Incorrectly eaten value

I’m writing this in case I forget it later. Context I’m migrating my wife’s blog from WordPress to GatsbyJS and since she’s not comfortable with Markdown or Git, I need a CMS. I aim at a zero-cost solution and I want the content to be part of the repository, rather than a separate thing (like what an API driven CMS provides). Problem Netlify CMS crashes when the frontmatter is followed by a newline and an image.

Refactoring z-index

Ever found a z-index of 999 in CSS and wondered if there really are 998 other elements below it? This is a post about how I have refactored CSS z-indexes to become sane.

Error Handling with Fetch (and custom React hook)

One thing that has struck me javascript's fetch function is that it often looks so simple. When I see the same thing in a pull request, I'm not overly impressed. No, just because this works on a sunny day doesn't mean you're done. You need error handling as well!

Git wasn't that Complicated

When I was about to quit my previous job for the job I have now, I mentioned a few things that I anticipated I would have to learn at the new job. One of the most obvious things was Git....

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