Refactoring z-index

Ever found a z-index of 999 in CSS and wondered if there really are 998 other elements below it? This is a post about how I have refactored CSS z-indexes to become sane.

Error Handling with Fetch (and custom React hook)

One thing that has struck me javascript's fetch function is that it often looks so simple. When I see the same thing in a pull request, I'm not overly impressed. No, just because this works on a sunny day doesn't mean you're done. You need error handling as well!

Git wasn't that Complicated

When I was about to quit my previous job for the job I have now, I mentioned a few things that I anticipated I would have to learn at the new job. One of the most obvious things was Git....

There Are Only Temporary Solutions

This is a reflection from an earlier job I had. It was at one of those large enterprises with monthly deploys and a development process documentation taking up 5 meters on a wall. For 8 years, consultants from one of the largest IT companies, had failed to deliver a company-wide...

Firmware Update Notifications for My Asus Router

Even though there is an app for my Asus RT-AC68U router with the default firmware, it hasn’t worked that well for me and I wanted reliable firmware update notifications. I found that this has been done by others, but still, there are a few steps to go through, so I’m documenting them here. This works for several other Asus router models as well, see the list of supported routers.

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