Henrik Sommerfeld

MacOS Alternative to Notepad++

Having switched from Windows to Mac quite recently, there is one application in particular that Iā€™m missing ā€“ Notepad++. After trying Notes and Stickes, Brackets and a bunch of others, I had to rethink what I was actually using Notepad++ for and which characteristics I was appreciating the most.

Code Quality and Automated Tests for Legacy Systems

My team recently had a discussion trying to agree on a few rules of thumb for our ambition level regarding code quality and automated tests for our legacy systems. These systems are business-critical, but planned to be replaced in a Big Bang fashion.

Settings for new MacBook Pro

I recently bought a new machine, a MacBook Pro 16", and this is my initial configuration. I'm documenting this for my future self so I have something to cherry-pick from if I will ever configure a new Mac from scratch. Some of these things might not be relevant in future versions of macOS or for future versions of myself, so I don't see a point in automating it.

Lazy Loading Images in Hugo

When writing another post, I realised that I hadn't documented/described my image lazy loading implementation in Hugo anywhere, so here it comes. The first thing we need are responsive images, not the thing you get when setting the width to 100% in CSS, but different versions of the same image in different resolutions so that the web browser can pick the best one (using srcset).

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