Henrik Sommerfeld

How I Tackled Parental Leave Boredom With Code

Approaching the end of my parental leave, I'll take a moment reflecting on how I tackled the occasional boredom of a longer absence from work.

Lazy Loading Images in Hugo

When writing another post, I realised that I hadn't documented/described my image lazy loading implementation in Hugo anywhere, so here it comes. The first thing we need are responsive images, not the thing you get when setting the width to 100% in CSS, but different versions of the same image in different resolutions so that the web browser can pick the best one (using srcset).

Yarn Resolutions to Fix Build Error With Multiple Versions of NPM Package

So, I upgraded Cypress from 3.7.0 to 3.8.2 and ran everything locally - no problems. But the build failed both in GitHub Actions and Netlify. I now had two conflicting versions. When using Yarn, this can be solved with Selective dependency resolutions, by adding the following to package.json

Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar has Excessive Network Traffic

This is an appeal to any of you who is coding for, or otherwise developing connected devices, to put some extra thought into your network traffic. Maybe also a warning to consumers and an encouragement to us tech savvy people to monitor your connected devices.

Gatsby vs Hugo for a Personal Blog

Having built two personal websites/blogs that are fairly similar, one using Gatsby and one using Hugo, I’ll take a moment to compare my experiences. All CSS is written from scratch for both sites, no framework. They both have categories and tags that you can use to find related posts. No server-side API is used, so once the build is done, everything is static. Well, I use Google Analytics and Disqus on both sites, but those are third-party API's that I don't have to manage.

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