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Dark Mode Learnings 🌙

So, I decided to implement dark mode on my website (to tackle parental leave boredom). I'll describe what I did and what I could have done differently in hindsight. Read â†’

Gatsby Source Plugin for Twitter

I was rewriting a WordPress site in Gatsby that had embedded tweets using an embed script (WordPress plugin). The product owner (my wife), required the new site to also show her tweets. I didn’t like the idea of an embed script (that would slow down the site and spy on visitors), so I started to look into Gatsby source plugins. Read â†’

Progressive Web App - Bad Idea for a Blog

I recently built a new personal website/blog for my wife using GatsbyJS and I really enjoyed all the cool stuff you can do easily with available plugins. Since didn’t really have any idea about the disadvantages with Progressive Web Apps (PWA), I naively just installed the manifest and offline plugins and verified my success with Lighthouse. Boom, I had a PWA! 🎉 Read â†’

Netlify CMS - Incorrectly eaten value

I’m writing this in case I forget it later. Context I’m migrating my wife’s blog from WordPress to GatsbyJS and since she’s not comfortable with Markdown or Git, I need a CMS. I aim at a zero-cost solution and I want the content to be part of the repository, rather than a separate thing (like what an API driven CMS provides). Problem Netlify CMS crashes when the frontmatter is followed by a newline and an image. Read â†’

Refactoring z-index

Ever found a z-index of 999 in CSS and wondered if there really are 998 other elements below it? This is a post about how I have refactored CSS z-indexes to become sane. Read â†’

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