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Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar has Excessive Network Traffic

This is an appeal to any of you who is coding for, or otherwise developing connected devices, to put some extra thought into your network traffic. Maybe also a warning to consumers and an encouragement to us tech savvy people to monitor your connected devices. Read more...

Git wasn't that Complicated

When I was about to quit my previous job for the job I have now, I mentioned a few things that I anticipated I would have to learn at the new job. One of the most obvious things was Git.... Read more...

There Are Only Temporary Solutions

This is a reflection from an earlier job I had. It was at one of those large enterprises with monthly deploys and a development process documentation taking up 5 meters on a wall. For 8 years, consultants from one of the largest IT companies, had failed to deliver a company-wide... Read more...

Getting a Divorce From SharePoint 💔

In my early days as a consultant this product from Microsoft called SharePoint became popular and customers starting to ask for people who could work with it. As a junior, I jumped onboard and could soon call myself a SharePoint developer, one of the hottest thing in the IT consultant market at the time (around 2007). This specialisation got me into interesting development projects and I learned a lot. What was initially a hurdle (the horrible API), soon became familiar and an advantage for me compared to colleagues in the business that hadn’t got the same exposure to the product. Read more...

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