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There Are Only Temporary Solutions

This is a reflection from an earlier job I had. It was at one of those large enterprises with monthly deploys and a development process documentation taking up 5 meters on a wall. For 8 years, consultants from one of the largest IT companies, had failed to deliver a company-wide... Read →

Getting a Divorce From SharePoint 💔

In my early days as a consultant this product from Microsoft called SharePoint became popular and customers starting to ask for people who could work with it. As a junior, I jumped onboard and could soon call myself a SharePoint developer, one of the hottest thing in the IT consultant market at the time (around 2007). This specialisation got me into interesting development projects and I learned a lot. What was initially a hurdle (the horrible API), soon became familiar and an advantage for me compared to colleagues in the business that hadn’t got the same exposure to the product. Read →

Switching from CrashPlan and other Backup Services

A week before my annual subscription of CrashPlan would expire I got an e-mail informing me that the CrashPlan for Home service was discontinued. My subscription was extended by 60 days to give me enough time to find another service. I’ve used it for a couple of years and have been quite happy with it, except maybe for the micro stuttering I experienced. It had the possibility to back up to a local external drive as well as online (offsite) with plenty of configurable options. Read →

Micro Stuttering Caused by CrashPlan

For some time I have tried to figure out what’s been causing the micro stuttering I’ve experienced on my Windows 10 machine. Under moderate load applications have stopped responding for short periods of time, most obvious is audio playback where an unpleasant sound has interrupted playback. I could not see any correlation between this behaviour and a specific application, high CPU, disk or memory utilisation. My machine is a desktop computer I have built myself from parts, so I thought I might have made some bad decision regarding hardware compatibility. Read →

Switching to Franz

When my desktop application for Facebook Messenger, Messenger for Desktop, wanted me to install an update and I found out that the update wanted to install a web browser extension and otherwise pollute my computer, I uninstalled it. Having a desktop app can sometimes be convenient, even though it has basically the same functionality as the corresponding web interface. So, I googled and found Franz, a desktop messaging app that supports a bunch of messaging services and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Read →

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