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Enable Textarea Resize

A web feature I liked when it came was the ability to resize textboxes. Especially multi-line textboxes (<textarea></textarea>) have a tendency to be too small and this feature really helps there. To my disappointment I find that many websites disable this feature to favour design at the expense of usability. figure.lazy { display: none; } Inappropriately sized textbox with disabled resizing Inappropriately sized textbox with disabled resizing To re-enable this I use the Stylebot extension for Chrome. Read →

Inexpensive Home Media Solution

As my Mac Mini from 2010 has gotten slower and slower I’ve been thinking about a replacement for it as the HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer) I’ve been using it for. I was running Plex (both server and client) on it connected to a “dumb TV” and I’ve been fully happy with that. So, when I draw the conclusion that the old computer didn’t cut it any more, I had a few different options. Read →

Lenovo X1 Carbon with Windows 10

I have recently got the chance to upgrade my work computer from an old, heavy and ugly machine with almost no battery life and a terrible screen to something new and shiny. I ended up getting the third generation Lenovo X1 Carbon (unfortunately without touch screen for budget reasons). This is my experience so far of that machine running Windows 10. figure.lazy { display: none; } I really like the X1 Carbon. Read →

All these Unnecessary E-mail Features

When Microsoft recently released a new Outlook app for iOSI decided to try it out. I previously used both the built-in Mail app from Apple and the Gmail app side by side, so if Outlook was good enough I could maybe switch to one single mail app on the phone. You can read some more about it here: A deeper look at Outlook for iOS and Android. Trying out the new features it struck me that a lot of people must have a hard time managing their e-mail. Read →

Building a Mini-PC in 2014

Recently I helped my sister with a new computer. Her previous one was typical low-end desktop machine that you would find in any of the big stores. As such, it was bulky and with time had become very noisy. So when I took the “assignment” to find a new one I was looking for something configurable, smaller, with a decent value for money and something my sister would perceive as “new”. Read →

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