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I ❤️ My "New" 2013 MacBook Pro

This is a story about my personal computer (PC) experience, from the 1990’s up to my new love for a six year old laptop. In November 2019 my wife bought a new laptop (MacBook Air) and I took over the old one. It’s a 2013 MacBook Pro that I have borrowed a few times for debugging web pages on iOS, but beyond that I don’t have much macOS experience. I saw the opportunity to take it and learn macOS for real for the first time. Read →

Firmware Update Notifications for My Asus Router

Even though there is an app for my Asus RT-AC68U router with the default firmware, it hasn’t worked that well for me and I wanted reliable firmware update notifications. I found that this has been done by others, but still, there are a few steps to go through, so I’m documenting them here. This works for several other Asus router models as well, see the list of supported routers. Installing Custom Firmware The first step I took was to install the custom firmware Asuswrt-Merlin. Read →

Integrated Terminal Shortcut in VS Code Opens External Terminal

For quite a while I’ve been slightly annoyed by the behaviour that the keyboard shortcut in Visual Studio Code didn’t open the integrated terminal if I also had an external terminal open, it was switching to that one instead. Googling the problem didn’t help me come closer to an explanation, which I suspected had to do with the language/keyboard specific nature of this issue. As you can see in the image below, the default keyboard shortcut to open the integrated terminal on my machine is Ctrl + ö. Read →

My IoT Exploration – Part 5 – Costs and Architecture Refection

Having run my home office monitoring service for more than a month, I can now reflect back on the project. Even though I have an MSDN subscription trough work with a bunch of Azure credit included to spend every month, I decided to use a Pay-As-You-Go subscription for this project. I wanted to be sure that the services I used was available to me even if I would loose the MSDN subscription. Read →

Making Cmder Findable by Windows Search

This is just a short reminder for myself. I just found myself reinstalling Windows and thus also my favourite console, Cmder. I didn’t remember what to do to make it findable by Windows search, so here’s how: 1. Add path to environment variable 2. Log off and on again 3. Voilà! Read →

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