Henrik Sommerfeld

Category: Tools

Remove Fading and Transparency in i3

Today when I booted my Endeavour OS Linux machine and logged in to i3, I noted that there was a very annoying fade when switching between workspaces and also semi-transparency on inactive windows. I recently upgraded all packages with yay, but haven’t touched any config in a while, so I was confused. It turned out to be the settings in /etc/xdg/picom.conf that I needed to change by copying it to the home folder and disable fading. Read →

Use a US Keyboard for Programming

An advice I would give my youth self is to properly learn the keyboard, specifically to switch to a US layout for programming and to learn touch typing. Read →

My Favourite Note Taking App for Mac and iPhone

After switching from Windows to Mac, I have reconsidered a few of the applications I use. To my own surprise I ended up with a paid one that’s only available on Apple devices – Bear. Read →

Simple Short URL Service

I happened to buy a domain name that could be used for short URL's and thought – why not, let's give it a try! Read →
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