Henrik Sommerfeld

Find GitHub Repositories Locally

I recently glued together some CLI tools to be able to clone and open the web page of the GitHub repositories have access to.


The repo is here: Search repository


I’ve used some extension to Alfred from time to time to search for repositories I have access to on GitHub, but always been bothered by the slowness. It seems to load a list of all my repositories before every search, which I find quite unnecessary. I do search for repos on GitHub quite often, since we use it at work in addition to my small personal usage.


The basic idea is to fetch a list of all the repositories, with some additional metadata, with one explicit command into a json file and then use a separate command to perform search against that file.

Fetch repos

To fetch all repositories I have access to, I use GitHubs’s API (list-repositories-for-a-user). Since I already had their CLI installed, I use that to avoid having to deal with authentication myself.

Repos can be fetch 100 a time, so I need to loop until there are no more returned. I use 🐚 zx as the main glue and dump it all into a single file.

Refresh index of repositories
I update my local cache whenever I can't find a repo I know exists or just occasionally

Search local cache

Searching the local file is fast and although the fzf preview can be made nicer, it works fine for me. I’ve added the two actions I typically need, (1) opening the repo’s web page and (2) cloning it.

Search repos locally
Searching repos against local file using fzf

Again, the repo is here: Search repo

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