Henrik Sommerfeld

MacOS Alternative to Notepad++

green lizard perches on twig
Photo by Ante Hamersmit . Not exactly the Notepad++ logo, but close.

Having switched from Windows to Mac quite recently, there is one application in particular that I’m missing ā€“ Notepad++.

After trying Notes and Stickes, Brackets and a bunch of others, I had to rethink what I was actually using Notepad++ for and which characteristics I was appreciating the most.

What I was looking for

  • Paste text unformatted
  • Plain text by default/only
  • Saves automatically
  • Free of charge

I concluded that I used Notepad++ for short snippets of text where the low barrier to entry was key. Quickly opening the app and pasting something; or writing a text for a web form that I suspect will just reload and loose my text.

Surprisingly many text editing tools don’t paste unformatted text by default. The common macOS key combination to paste unformatted seems to be āŒ„ ā‡§ āŒ˜ V (trying doing that with one hand!). Both Stickes and Notes also change single quote (') to some other character ( ā€˜ ), which messes up my Cypher queries.

I already use a heavy-weight app/service for my notes (OneNote) an several windows of VS Code for coding, so I wanted something else for these kind of quick notes.

What I was NOT looking for

  • An editor that greets me with a login form
  • Todos, reminders or other feature bloat

šŸ‘‘ Best so far

Standard Notes is my choice for now, installable by brew cask install standard-notes.

Any suggestions that you like is welcome, please comment.

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