Henrik Sommerfeld

Netlify CMS - Incorrectly eaten value

I’m writing this in case I forget it later.


I’m migrating my wife’s blog from WordPress to GatsbyJS and since she’s not comfortable with Markdown or Git, I need a CMS. I aim at a zero-cost solution and I want the content to be part of the repository, rather than a separate thing (like what an API driven CMS provides).


Netlify CMS crashes when the frontmatter is followed by a newline and an image. The CMS itself doesn’t add this newline, but Prettier for VS Code does. I’ve been manually updating a url property when migrating old posts to keep the same URL, and doing that in VS Code inserts this “error” (perfectly valid markdown).

date: 2011-09-11T07:26:42.164Z
    <==== Here
![](/uploads/lrvlsi6ilp1r22t2co1_400.jpg "Some title")

There is an issue registered at GitHub, but it seems to wait for some larger overhaul issue, so we might have to live with this for some time.


Remove the newline with an editor that doesn’t add it back on save.

date: 2011-09-11T07:26:42.164Z
![](/uploads/lrvlsi6ilp1r22t2co1_400.jpg "Some title")
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