Henrik Sommerfeld

OneDrive on Linux

When switching from MacOS to Linux, one of the things I was concerned about was Microsoft OneDrive that I’ve used for a decade or so. My wife and I have shared folders, so switching to another service would be a bit of a hassle.

I also found that the web interface at onedrive.live.com is intermittently broken when my ad blocking lists contain certain URL’s

To my surprise I found that the unofficial OneDrive Client for Linux works better than I expected. You could set it up for syncing with systemd, but I really like using it like git and not having an always running service in the background.

onedrive --sync -upload-only

A lot to type, but with history search, it’s quick (and of course there are aliases). There is also OneDriveGUI if you’re in to GUI’s, but you’ll loose some geek points.

What you don’t get is the on-demand file access. There are other services for that, but I haven’t tried them.


There are a bunch of packages for different distributions, but I found the one for Arch has a tendency to break, so I install and upgrade it from source instead.

# Arch prerequisite: sudo pacman -S make pkg-config curl sqlite ldc
git clone https://github.com/abraunegg/onedrive.git
cd onedrive
./configure --with-systemdsystemunitdir=no --enable-completions
make clean; make;
sudo make install
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