Henrik Sommerfeld

Inventory of Page Layout Usage in a SharePoint Site

Recently I got a request to find out the usage of page layouts on a large SharePoint site. I Googled and found a few scripts, but none that did all I wanted, e.g. to limit the inventory to a certain sub-site. So I wrote my own one. Read →

Bypassing a Corporate Proxy

Quite a few organisations seems to find this thing called “Internet” a scary thing that employees can only be given access to by grace of the mighty network administrators. As a consultant I have worked for a few of those organisations and felt the frustration when a blog is blocked or network traffic is so slow that you’d guess that it’s manually monitored before accepted. I would personally never try to bypass these controls of course, but hypothetically one could do like the following. Read →

All these Unnecessary E-mail Features

When Microsoft recently released a new Outlook app for iOSI decided to try it out. I previously used both the built-in Mail app from Apple and the Gmail app side by side, so if Outlook was good enough I could maybe switch to one single mail app on the phone. You can read some more about it here: A deeper look at Outlook for iOS and Android. Trying out the new features it struck me that a lot of people must have a hard time managing their e-mail. Read →

Using a Responsive CSS Grid with Relative Measures

When you build a web site on a [CMS][1] and a theme made by someone else you always have some limitations. For this blog I use WordPress and the [Montezuma theme][2], and this is how I customised the default CSS grid options to my liking. figure.lazy { display: none; } These are the grid options you can choose from in version 1.2.4 of the Montezuma theme. Read →

Building a Mini-PC in 2014

Recently I helped my sister with a new computer. Her previous one was typical low-end desktop machine that you would find in any of the big stores. As such, it was bulky and with time had become very noisy. So when I took the “assignment” to find a new one I was looking for something configurable, smaller, with a decent value for money and something my sister would perceive as “new”. Read →

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