Using Angular HTTP Interceptor for Logging

A thing we’ve found handy in the Angular application I’m currently working on, is the console logging of HTTP requests and responses. This makes it quick to determine if a problem exists in the Angular app or in the REST service we’re calling (that we develop alongside the Angular app). Since logging it this way will show exactly which method is being called, the data being sent, headers and everything you need, there is no risk of mistaking one server interaction with another one.

Code Sharing with Multi-App Angular Project Using Base Components

I’m building a new version of a web shop in Angular that should be used on three different web sites for three of my client’s subsidiary companies. In the current solution, everything but the CSS is common, even the HTML. That has proven to lack the necessary flexibility when the different subsidiaries have different needs and their design agencies are told that they are not allowed change the mark-up. Every change also has to be approved by all three subsidiaries, which takes time.

Replacing Web Compiler With Node Sass

After a long time of unreliable results with Web Compiler, especially in TFS, I decided to replace it with node-sass. Web Compiler is an extension to Visual Studio that listens to changes in your .scss files (among others) and compiles them. It can also be configured to run as part of your TFS build. With our solution this has however been highly unreliable, where Web Compiler claims that files have been compiled, but the changes you made are not reflected in the resulting bundles.

Build Steps Using NPM Scripts for My Hugo Blog

Quite recently I migrated this blog from WordPress to Hugo. Since I didn’t want to use a theme built by someone else, I had to add things like CSS and JavaScript myself. To be able to work with this locally in an efficient way and to be able to produce a complete build output in a reproducible manner, I had to automate the build steps. With WordPress I used Gulp for this, but I thought that might not be needed, so I made an attempt to do this using only npm scripts.

Switching from CrashPlan and other Backup Services

A week before my annual subscription of CrashPlan would expire I got an e-mail informing me that the CrashPlan for Home service was discontinued. My subscription was extended by 60 days to give me enough time to find another service. I’ve used it for a couple of years and have been quite happy with it, except maybe for the micro stuttering I experienced. It had the possibility to back up to a local external drive as well as online (offsite) with plenty of configurable options.

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