Henrik Sommerfeld

Hugo Timeout Not a Circular Loop in Shortcode

I have been getting a few random build errors with Hugo on Netlify recently. This is a bit strange, since it builds fine on my local machine and with Github Actions. Re-running the same build also worked a few times. The build log on Netlify says the following... Read →

I ❤️ My "New" 2013 MacBook Pro

This is a story about my personal computer (PC) experience, from the 1990’s up to my new love for a six year old laptop. In November 2019 my wife bought a new laptop (MacBook Air) and I took over the old one. It’s a 2013 MacBook Pro that I have borrowed a few times for debugging web pages on iOS, but beyond that I don’t have much macOS experience. I saw the opportunity to take it and learn macOS for real for the first time. Read →

Netlify CMS with Gatsby - Best Option with Some Quirks

When I needed a CMS for a Gatsby site, my choice became Netlify CMS. I’ll talk about my criteria, pros and cons. This was a personal website made for a non-technical person (why I needed a CMS at all in the first place) who associates websites with WordPress. She, my wife, is fairly tech savvy, but wouldn’t accept editing markdown or other “complicated things” 🙃 My hypothesis was that I could somewhat compensate for unintuitive features with some “on-site training”. Read →

Dark Mode Learnings 🌙

So, I decided to implement dark mode on my website (to tackle parental leave boredom). I'll describe what I did and what I could have done differently in hindsight. Read →

Gatsby Source Plugin for Twitter

I was rewriting a WordPress site in Gatsby that had embedded tweets using an embed script (WordPress plugin). The product owner (my wife), required the new site to also show her tweets. I didn’t like the idea of an embed script (that would slow down the site and spy on visitors), so I started to look into Gatsby source plugins. Read →
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