Henrik Sommerfeld

Use a US Keyboard for Programming

An advice I would give my youth self is to properly learn the keyboard, specifically to switch to a US layout for programming and to learn touch typing. Read →

My Favourite Note Taking App for Mac and iPhone

After switching from Windows to Mac, I have reconsidered a few of the applications I use. To my own surprise I ended up with a paid one that’s only available on Apple devices – Bear. Read →

Usability Learnings from Building a CLI

From the past months of iterating on a CLI for managing micro services in our company, I've drawn some conclusions regarding usability. I'll describe the features of OCLIF we've used to address the challenges. Read →

Using Same Node in Jenkins Groovy Pipeline

As new to Jenkins, I made a mistake that led to confusing errors. Working with .groovy files in Jenkins shared libraries isn’t the most joyful experience I’ve had in my career, but this makes total sense once I saw the obvious. Read →
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