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My IoT Exploration – Part 5 – Costs and Architecture Refection

Having run my home office monitoring service for more than a month, I can now reflect back on the project. Even though I have an MSDN subscription trough work with a bunch of Azure credit included to spend every month, I decided to use a Pay-As-You-Go subscription for this project. I wanted to be sure that the services I used was available to me even if I would loose the MSDN subscription. Read more...

My IoT Exploration – Part 4 – Presenting the Data

This is my fourth post about exploring Internet of Things, previous posts can be found here: My IoT Exploration – Part 1 – The Failure My IoT Exploration – Part 2 – Raspberry Pi Sense HAT My IoT Exploration – Part 3 – Sending Data to Cloud For the last piece of this project I pretty much followed the approach described in Visualizing IoT Data with Web App. Since I wanted to learn how to create and deploy Azure Web Apps, this was a good fit. Read more...

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