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Alpine.js – Benefits and Limitations

For the custom JavaScript code on my Hugo blog I use Alpine.js . I’ll discuss the benefits and the limitations in this post. This post is part 4 in the Hugo Pipeline Series, but the benefits and limitations I discuss are not specific to using Alpine.js together with Hugo. Read →

Hugo Pipeline Series – Developing and Deploying

In terms of developing my Hugo site, I'll focus on the JavaScript parts, since Hugo templates and CSS isn't much to talk about. I use a few libraries that I've installed with npm and those need to be processed before they are sent to the browser. The JavaScript code I have written myself, does not have that requirement. In that case it's just a matter of how old browsers I want to support. Read →

Lazy Loading Images in Hugo

When writing another post, I realised that I hadn't documented/described my image lazy loading implementation in Hugo anywhere, so here it comes. The first thing we need are responsive images, not the thing you get when setting the width to 100% in CSS, but different versions of the same image in different resolutions so that the web browser can pick the best one (using srcset). Read →
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