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Search for Static Website Without External Service

When you have a static website, there are a few things that you usually don’t have out-of-the-box. One such thing is search. You can argue that you don’t need it, but if you want it and your site isn’t that large, I’ll describe how I’ve set it up without an external service. Read →

Alpine.js – Benefits and Limitations

For the custom JavaScript code on my Hugo blog I use Alpine.js. I’ll discuss the benefits and the limitations in this post. This post is part 4 in the Hugo Pipeline Series, but the benefits and limitations I discuss are not specific to using Alpine.js together with Hugo. Read →

8 JavaScript Recommendations to a Struggling Student

I recently helpt a student struggling with a web development assignment. Not surprisingly, it wasn't one specific thing that wasn't working with a clear question on how to solve that specific problem. There were errors in the web browser console, long functions with wrong indentation that made it all hard to understand. Read →

Gatsby vs Hugo for a Personal Blog

Having built two personal websites/blogs that are fairly similar, one using Gatsby and one using Hugo, I’ll take a moment to compare my experiences. All CSS is written from scratch for both sites, no framework. They both have categories and tags that you can use to find related posts. No server-side API is used, so once the build is done, everything is static. Well, I use Google Analytics and Disqus on both sites, but those are third-party API's that I don't have to manage. Read →
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