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MacOS Alternative to Notepad++

Having switched from Windows to Mac quite recently, there is one application in particular that I’m missing – Notepad++. After trying Notes and Stickes, Brackets and a bunch of others, I had to rethink what I was actually using Notepad++ for and which characteristics I was appreciating the most. Read →

Settings for new MacBook Pro

I recently bought a new machine, a MacBook Pro 16", and this is my initial configuration. I'm documenting this for my future self so I have something to cherry-pick from if I will ever configure a new Mac from scratch. Some of these things might not be relevant in future versions of macOS or for future versions of myself, so I don't see a point in automating it. Read →

I ❤️ My "New" 2013 MacBook Pro

This is a story about my personal computer (PC) experience, from the 1990’s up to my new love for a six year old laptop. In November 2019 my wife bought a new laptop (MacBook Air) and I took over the old one. It’s a 2013 MacBook Pro that I have borrowed a few times for debugging web pages on iOS, but beyond that I don’t have much macOS experience. I saw the opportunity to take it and learn macOS for real for the first time. Read →

Bypassing a Corporate Proxy

Quite a few organisations seems to find this thing called “Internet” a scary thing that employees can only be given access to by grace of the mighty network administrators. As a consultant I have worked for a few of those organisations and felt the frustration when a blog is blocked or network traffic is so slow that you’d guess that it’s manually monitored before accepted. I would personally never try to bypass these controls of course, but hypothetically one could do like the following. Read →

Automatically Backup your Gmail account on a schedule with GMVault and Mac OS X launchd

While looking over my backup routines, I stumbled on Scott Hanselman’s post Automatically Backup your Gmail account on a schedule with GMVault and Windows Task Scheduler. I had never really thought about backing up my Gmail account, but why not. Even though I’m mainly a Windows guy, my Windows 8 machine at home is a big tower that requires quite a lot of electricity and is therefore only powered on when needed. Read →

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