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Gatsby vs Hugo for a Personal Blog

Having built two personal websites/blogs that are fairly similar, one using Gatsby and one using Hugo, I’ll take a moment to compare my experiences. All CSS is written from scratch for both sites, no framework. They both have categories and tags that you can use to find related posts. No server-side API is used, so once the build is done, everything is static. Well, I use Google Analytics and Disqus on both sites, but those are third-party API's that I don't have to manage. Read →

Netlify CMS with Gatsby - Best Option with Some Quirks

When I needed a CMS for a Gatsby site, my choice became Netlify CMS. I’ll talk about my criteria, pros and cons. This was a personal website made for a non-technical person (why I needed a CMS at all in the first place) who associates websites with WordPress. She, my wife, is fairly tech savvy, but wouldn’t accept editing markdown or other “complicated things” 🙃 My hypothesis was that I could somewhat compensate for unintuitive features with some “on-site training”. Read →

Gatsby Source Plugin for Twitter

I was rewriting a WordPress site in Gatsby that had embedded tweets using an embed script (WordPress plugin). The product owner (my wife), required the new site to also show her tweets. I didn’t like the idea of an embed script (that would slow down the site and spy on visitors), so I started to look into Gatsby source plugins. Read →

Error Handling with Fetch (and custom React hook)

One thing that has struck me javascript's fetch function is that it often looks so simple. When I see the same thing in a pull request, I'm not overly impressed. No, just because this works on a sunny day doesn't mean you're done. You need error handling as well! Read →
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