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Getting a Divorce From SharePoint 💔

In my early days as a consultant this product from Microsoft called SharePoint became popular and customers starting to ask for people who could work with it. As a junior, I jumped onboard and could soon call myself a SharePoint developer, one of the hottest thing in the IT consultant market at the time (around 2007). This specialisation got me into interesting development projects and I learned a lot. What was initially a hurdle (the horrible API), soon became familiar and an advantage for me compared to colleagues in the business that hadn’t got the same exposure to the product. Read â†’

Storing Configuration Data in SharePoint Lists

I have stored settings in applications built on SharePoint in a number of ways over the years, including SharePoint lists, the property bag and even web.config. As I have done most of the recent development using AngularJS and also had the need to store and fetch configuration values beyond simple data types, I have start using another way of storing these settings. By storing text files with json configuration objects in a document library I get a couple of benefits. Read â†’

Setting up an IIS Warm-up Script in an automated fashion

Automatic recycling of application pools in IIS may be necessary, but it can annoy the users how happen to be up at night or early in the morning (depending on when the recycles are scheduled). There are numerous warm-up scripts out there and I have just stolen one of them. The purpose of this post is to show you how I set it up to run automatically when the application pools are recycled. Read â†’

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