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Frustration with NodeJS on Windows

During the last couple of years I have noticed more and more developers switching to Mac, especially among those in the SharePoint field that traditionally have been very loyal to Microsoft. I see a correlation between this and the trend away from Visual Studio bound development. After playing around with NodeJS for awhile I understand why and hope for a change. Hopefully I can save you some googling with the links in this post if you run into the same issues as I have. Read →

Making Cmder Findable by Windows Search

This is just a short reminder for myself. I just found myself reinstalling Windows and thus also my favourite console, Cmder. I didn’t remember what to do to make it findable by Windows search, so here’s how: 1. Add path to environment variable 2. Log off and on again 3. Voilà! Read →

WinDock Configuration for my 21:9 Screen

Hi have recently bought an ultra-wide monitor for my desk at home, a Dell U3415W. I’m using it both for work as a coder and for my personal needs such as photo editing, web browsing and watching films. I have previously used a dual monitor setup, so I wanted to find a way of organising windows to be used side-by-side in a productive manner. figure.lazy { display: none; } Dell U3415W Monitor, 34″ 3440×1440 Dell U3415W Monitor, 34″ 3440×1440 Of course Windows has had the feature to add two windows side-by-side built-in since Windows 7. Read →

Lenovo X1 Carbon with Windows 10

I have recently got the chance to upgrade my work computer from an old, heavy and ugly machine with almost no battery life and a terrible screen to something new and shiny. I ended up getting the third generation Lenovo X1 Carbon (unfortunately without touch screen for budget reasons). This is my experience so far of that machine running Windows 10. figure.lazy { display: none; } I really like the X1 Carbon. Read →

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